Sustainability Institute at Ohio State
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Building a more sustainable and resilient future for all

The Sustainability Institute integrates, supports and leads sustainability across the university to:

• Promote sustainability and resilience teaching and learning • Catalyze interdisciplinary research that drives discovery and innovation • Engage public and private sector partners to develop and apply sustainable solutions • Integrate sustainability scholarship with campus activities to engage students in research and experiential learning • Provide a competitive advantage in attracting exceptional new talent, students, partnerships and resources

The Sustainability Institute at Ohio State

Today, our planet’s life support systems are rapidly transforming. The ecosystems that sustain us are fluctuating, due to continued population growth, resource consumption, environmental degradation and climate change.

As a society, we stand at a crossroads between a sustainable and resilient future and one that leaves future generations to deal with unprecedented environmental change, resource scarcities and growing social inequities.

At Ohio State, we are poised to make lasting contributions to solving many of the world’s most complex and pervasive challenges. Our interdisciplinary research capacity, culture of problem solving and strategic partnerships with private industry, public agencies and non-governmental organizations offer countless opportunities to create transformational change in Ohio and around the world.

The time to act is now.

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About The Sustainability Institute

Our 2020 annual report

Ohio State is a comprehensive land-grant research university with hundreds of faculty in sustainability, thousands of passionate students, an enduring land-grant mission, and a strong commitment to sustainability in its campus operations. We are dedicated to leveraging our research and knowledge to enable more sustainable and resilient communities in Ohio, our nation and the global community. 

Over 600 faculty and research scientists are engaged in sustainability research; we teach more than 1,000 courses that support sustainability learning; and we are engaged in Ohio communities and around the world to improve social, economic and environmental conditions.

The Sustainability Institute at Ohio State
3018 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210

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SustainNews: Stories about sustainability initiatives undertaken by the university in research, student engagement, campus sustainability and collaborations with the public and private sector

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