Exploratory Research Groups

Exploratory Research Groups (ERGs) are a new initiative of the Sustainability Institute intended to support early-stage, exploratory research on a range of faculty-determined topics of interest.

Exploratory Research Groups (ERGs) are designed to support early-stage, exploratory research and creative expression on a range of faculty-determined topics. The Sustainability Institute (SI), in collaboration with other units and programs on campus, aims to support researchers from across the university in growing collaborative, interdisciplinary teams focused on sustainability or resilience topics. SI is committed to supporting ERGs through ongoing partnership, including support through networking, in-kind services or limited financial resources as possible, to best address the unique challenges and opportunities of each group. The overall intent of ERGs are to:

  • Help build connections and community across researchers with similar interests.
  • Support and grow ongoing interactions of interdisciplinary groups faculty and researchers that may also include students or external partners.
  • Provide a means for faculty or research staff that are new to the university to meet their community of similarly interested scholars.
  • Grow the capacity of interdisciplinary teams to compete for larger grants and awards. 
  • Provide opportunities for mentorship, leadership and professional development for junior faculty and researchers.

We are launching the ERG initiative with a call for ideas from faculty and researchers.  Follow the link below to submit your ideas. We will start processing the survey results on April 2.

ERGs Call for Ideas Survey

 Any researcher with PI status at Ohio State may suggest ideas regarding sustainability or resilience topics and we will use these ideas to create an initial portfolio of ERGs. Ideas related to one or more of the following themes are especially encouraged:

  • Climate Change
  • Healthy Air, Land and Water
  • Race and Sustainability
  • Smart and Resilient Communities
  • Sustainability and Environmental Arts and Humanities
  • Sustainable Energy

We are also looking for individuals to lead or co-lead an ERG. As part of the survey, please indicate if you would be willing to help provide leadership to an ERG on any of the topics you proposed.

If you experience any difficulties with the survey or have questions about ERGs, contact Tim Jaquet at jaquet.5@osu.edu.