Foundational Members

Corporate leaders helping to solve sustainability challenges through signature collaborations with Ohio State faculty, students and staff.

Complex challenges facing sustainability require a collaborative approach to develop solutions. A new initiative through Ohio State’s Sustainability Institute is engaging leaders within the business community to help them achieve their sustainability goals through access to university research, student talent and opportunities to use the campus as a living laboratory for new ideas and approaches. We are developing a signature collaboration with a company in each of five priority research areas: Sustainable Energy, Healthy Ecosystems, Circular Economy, Smart and Resilient Communities, and Sustainable Resources. Working closely with these “foundational members,” the Sustainability Institute seeks to leverage the power of the private sector to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient and just society.

IGS Energy


IGS Energy

Transitioning to low-carbon options for energy to reduce climate change is an urgent priority for Ohio State and foundational member IGS Energy. The company is investing in sustainable energy research and student learning through the university’s Sustainability Institute with an aim of developing new innovations and emerging leaders to facilitate this transition.

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Advanced Drainage Systems


Advanced Drainage Systems

Ohio State and Advanced Drainage Systems are collaborating to support water management research, enhance student learning and make campus more sustainable. The company is donating two stormwater management systems, a cash gift to install them and funding for related research and teaching. Additional support will help the university improve recycling on campus.

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Rumpke Waste & Recycling

The collaboration between Ohio State and Rumpke will support advances in circular economy research, teaching and practices. The company will help the university meet its zero-waste goal, invest in artificial intelligence and automation research to improve the recovery of recycled material, and create a new undergraduate scholarship for students from Columbus.

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The Sustainability Institute is still seeking foundational members for the priority research areas of Smart and Resilient Communities and Sustainable Resources. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Josh Knights.