Speculative Eco Futures

Leaders: Jake Boswell, Amy Youngs

Regular Meeting: Third Friday of the month, 12:00-1:00 p.m. 



Climate change and species extinction are ecological crises that will unlikely be solved by the same type of logic that currently fuels it. New cultural ideas, traditional Indigenous ways, and transdisciplinary hybrids are needed to explore strategies for living sustainably on the planet we share. This group endeavors to think and work in ways that are speculative and divergent to generate alternative possibilities.   

Creatives envision new worlds, stories, ideas, and relationships that do not yet exist. How can that power be effectively used to expand the dialogue surrounding sustainability and to capture and engage the public’s imagination about what ecologically sustainable futures might be like? What are we working towards? What else is possible? What does it look and feel like? Who is at the table? What can we do together?   

  • We will share past, present, and future work with each other, as well as work towards the development of collaborative team projects. 

  • We will listen to, learn from, and invite voices and ideas that might be overlooked in mainstream culture.  

  • We will prototype new ways to explore, participate in, attend to, and celebrate our ecologically interdependent worlds. 


To produce, share, and discuss experimental culture – art, design, music, dance, writing, architecture, and other creative endeavors – that envisions ecological and equitable futures.   

For more information or to get involved, contact Amy Youngs: Youngs.6@osu.edu

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