One Welfare in the Great Lakes Region

Leader: Jaylene Flint, Brittany Fischer 



One Welfare is an emerging, globally recognized, multidisciplinary science that encompasses not only animal health and welfare, but includes human health and welfare, societal mental health, and environmental consideration. This ERG will establish a long-term monitoring program in the Great Lakes Region that will include measurements of physical-chemical, biological, and socio-economic indicators for a holistic approach to assess the health and wellbeing of this region. Our ERG will add to current monitoring programs through assessments of animal health and wellbeing and community engagement. What will make our ERG unique is that we will incorporate all human, animal, and environmental indicators into a developed predictive model to provide outputs and recommendations for increasing the resilience of the Great Lakes Region.

For more information or to get involved, contact Jaylene Flint  or Brittany Fischer.

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