Campus Sustainability Survey Report Now Available

August 29, 2019

When it comes to sustainability, Ohio State students continue to raise ambitions in their knowledge and their actions.

A fall 2018 survey of 20,500 undergraduate students by the university’s Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab found that engagement in pro-environmental behaviors has increased by almost 30% since the last major data collection in 2014, while knowledge of sustainability-related topics increased by 10%.

“Students are consistently interested in becoming more involved in sustainability-related academic, research and professional opportunities, particularly those that build new skills,” says outgoing lab manager Emily Walpole, who ran the 2018 survey.

More than half of the survey respondents said they “often” or “always” carry a reusable water bottle, turn off the lights in an empty room, sort out recycling, and choose walking, bicycling or taking public transportation over driving.

 See the survey executive summary or full report on the Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab website.

Incoming ESS Lab manager, Kristina Slagle, pointed out the ongoing nature of this research, noting that the next survey will be conducted in October.

Learn more about the student sustainability survey.

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