Sustainable Finance

Leader: Paul Rose

Regular Meeting: Third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 PM via Zoom, email Paul at to receive the invite link.



Building from the European Union’s definition, “sustainable finance” refers to the process of taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into account when making investment decisions in the financial sector, leading to more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects.  

  • Environmental considerations include climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly (e.g., the preservation of biodiversity, pollution prevention, and the circular economy).  

  • Social considerations include issues of inequality, inclusiveness, labor relations, investment in human capital and communities, as well as human rights issues.  

  • Governance considerations include the governance of public and private institutions, such as management structures, employee relations, and executive remuneration. 

Sustainable finance is intended to support economic growth while reducing pressures on the environment and taking into account social and governance aspects. Sustainable finance also encompasses transparency when it comes to risks related to ESG factors that may have an impact on the financial system, and the mitigation of such risks through the appropriate governance of financial and corporate actors. 


The group will meet monthly to discuss the individual projects of group members and provide a platform for collaboration among the group members. 

The group intends to hold a sustainable finance colloquium in the Spring of 2022. 

For more information or to get involved, contact Paul Rose:

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