Environmental Film Series: A River Between Us


5th Environmental Film Series, with discussions led by Ohio State and local experts

Overcoming injustice/inequality, fought-over water rights, and community divides on the Klamath River in Oregon and California, the largest river restoration project in America may just happen. Co-leader of the consensus, film producer and narrator, Jason Atkinson, in person.

A River Between Us

2014, 90 minutes. Documenting a pathway for the largest river restoration project in America: To save a river, you must first heal a people. The Klamath River in Oregon and California. Produced by Jason Atkinson and Jeff Martin.

Film Synopsis

A River Between Us documents the largest river restoration project in American history. Nearly three hundred miles in length, flowing from southern Oregon to northern California, the vast communities of the Klamath River have been feuding over its water for generations, and as a result, bad blood has polluted their river and their relationships, equally. A River Between Us examines the complicated history of this conflict: how anger, fear and distrust have undermined the Klamath’s communities for decades. Balancing the sheer beauty of the river’s surface with its underlying ills of injustice and inequality, the film focuses on the personal stories of a group of individuals who finally chose to put the past behind them and came together to create a historic water rights compromise for the good of all. Most importantly, this documentary provides the solution to ending this generations-old conflict: In order to save a river, you must first heal a people. The film isn’t simply a feature documentary; it’s a cinematic call to action on behalf of the largest restoration project in American history. 

Discussion leaders: Jason Allmand Atkinson, film producer and narrator. Former state senator and candidate for Governor of Oregon. John Navarro, Aquatic Stewardship Program Administrator, ODNR Div. of Wildlife

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